1940s to Designer Vintage Clothing

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Galanos poppy print dress

Dior New York little black cocktail dress, 1960s. Slip into this delicious LBD and liberate your inner Audrey Hepburn as seen in Breakfast at Tiffanys. The iconic 1961 film re-established the LBD at the pinnacle of high fashion. All you need to play the role of Holly Golightly is our Dior dress and a long cigarette holder.

Galanos poppy print dress

Galanos poppy print silk chiffon dress with stole, c.1980. The backless bra halter of draped silk crepe—boned and lined for support—falls in soft panels at the sides of the skirt. With larger-than-life printed poppies, the full outer layer floats over the underskirt. Sumptuous materials and flawless design are hallmarks of James Galanos' casual elegance.

1980s Gianni Versace dress

Gianni Versace Madame X evening gown, 1980s-90s. Here is the spirit of the infamous plunging neckline and decorative straps that might slip off the shoulders at any time. Versace takes off with a modern interpretation as body-conscious as the original: a thigh-length, body hugging torso of heavy crepe and a bias-cut, circular lower skirt of sheer chiffon, revealing the legs.

Zandra Rhodes 1960s dress

Zandra Rhodes "Diamond and Roses/Knitted Circle" silk chiffon evening dress, 1968-69. The butterfly dress combines two prints from an early collection: the Knitted Circle pattern on the bodice, inspired by the circular knitting patterns found in Fair Isle sweaters; and the Diamonds and Roses pattern on the skirt. I love the full circle sleeves and glowing saffron hue.  NEW LISTING

Couregges maxi dress

Mary McFadden quilted silk evening coat, c.1980. Printed with a watered silk, abstract design on an ivory ground, the dreamy coat features McFadden's line quilting. It is lightweight and easy to wear. In McFadden's fashion, we often see what is apparent in this coat of many colors. It is joyous, fresh, and natural. This smart coat can be worn with black pants or over a simple slip dress.

Gatti Nolli couture

Gatti Nolli "new" couture evening gown. With its pizazz and high-voltage sex-appeal, Nolli's designs have taken the market by storm. The designs shimmer, sparkle, and scintillate. Here the body hugging torso is embellished with elaborate beading and lace appliqués. The glowing gold hue highlights the complexity of depth from layering, achieving a kind of fresco effect.d became fashion icons. This one features unique curved seam detail on the jacket.

Bill Blass 1970s

Bill Blass chiffon dress, 1970s. Finely constructed with bias-cut panels of black chiffon over a black silk crepe lining, the LBD flutters when you move. I love the contrast of the high neckline with the sexy, open, faux sleeves. The stand up collar, ruched at the center-back, drapes in graceful folds in front. Here is Bill Blass at the top of his game—glamorous and casually sophisticated.

Collette Dinnigan couture

Collette Dinnigan couture wedding/evening gown with matching shawl. Her iconic designs evoke the past through the elaborate use of beading and lace. I love the contrast of silver embroidered lace to the ornate bodice decoration of rock diamond pearls and silver beads. The scalloped pattern of the lace forms a lovely hem border and back train. In this resplendent gown, we see an inspired amalgam of traditional and modern.

Marquesa evening dress

Marquesa strapless evening dress, c.2004. Marquesa is known for its superbly crafted, vintage-inspired designs. The fabric is patterned with charming stylized flowers, which resemble Oriental chrysanthemums. I love the subtle sparkle of the rhinestones in the flower centers. The bodice is trimmed with black bugle beads and with a large black silk flower. The design is fluid, graceful, and elegant.

Hanae Mori 1970s

Hanae Mori silk evening dress, 1970s. With a silk chiffon top printed with airy blossoms, the exquisite evening design is an exemplar of Mori's style. The floating quality of the print is enhanced with a profusion of bias-cut ruffles that frame the front opening. Celebrated for her exquisitely feminine style, Mori was the first Asian woman to be admitted to France's elite haute couture syndicate.

Naeem Khan gown

Naeem Khan/Riazee sequin evening gown, 1980s. The glamorous gown pairs an elaborately hand-embroidered bodice with an elegant black skirt. Khan's best gowns call upon his unmatched expertise in fine embroidery. The Persian-style bodice design combines sparkling iridescent white sequins with black sequins and white beads to dazzling effect. An A-list red carpet gown at a great price!

Philip Hulitar dress

Philip Hulitar strapless dress & bolero, 1950s. His sexy party dresses have been a well kept secret of fashion cognoscenti. Hulitar's work is eagerly sought by collectors who appreciate the figure-flattering design and high quality construction. Made from floral-printed corded silk, the dress comes with a matching bolero. The delightful puffed skirt is an inspired fashion flourish.

Mary McFadden evening dress

Mary McFadden pleated evening dress, c.1980. The rich cranberry red is intensified by the texture of the pleating. The neckline is accented with a bib panel of multi-colored beads and sequins. The svelte silhouette and the beaded bib pane showcase the marriage of exoticism to sleek stylishness. The thrilling red hue will raise the temperature of the room as you make your entrance.

Randolph Duke evening dress

Randolph Duke beaded evening dress, c.2000. This fab dress from the master of elegant evening wear has two layers. The outer layer is made from black net lavishly decorated with swirling patterns of clear crystal beads and metallic beads. The centripetal beaded motif subconsciously draws the viewers' eyes to the wearer. The lining layer is beige lycra stretch knit with a hint of gold sparkle.

Vera Wang cocktail dress

Vera Wang silk jersey cocktail dress, 1990s. The perfect little black cocktail dress has it all. The torso, made from silk/spandex jersey, will mold to your figure like a Ceil Chapman dress. The shoulder straps and gracefully draped, double-layer skirt are of bias-cut silk chiffon. The unadorned black design, relying solely on cut, conveys a timeless sophistication, epitomizing Baudelaire's dictum that every dress style is beautiful in its own time.

Norma Kamali cocktail dress

OMO/Norma Kamali taffeta cocktail dress, 1980s. The fab dress is an example of Kamali's lighthearted approach to fashion. I love the open back with bows, so fetching and feminine. Kamali chose the delightful lilac/mauve color well ahead of its current vogue. The fullness of the skirt is ingeniously supported with a padded roll just below the hipline so that the skirt will never look flat or wilted, even without a petticoat.

Chanel tweed coat

Chanel wool tweed coat, 1970s. Made from herringbone wool tweed plaid, the enchanting—and unusual—pastel peach color will be admired. The impeccable Chanel cut and tailoring make this a timeless classic. The inspired use of pale peach for outerwear tells us the wearer belongs to the aristocracy of style, a special cadre of fashion initiates whose smart attire always attracts admiring glances.

Estevez cocktail dress

Estévez beaded silk cocktail dress, 1980s. The uncluttered silhouette and low cut back are signature Estévez, what well dressed women look for—the refined, best-dressed-list look. Made from soft black silk faille and lined with black China silk, the dress closes in back with a nylon coil zipper. The only embellishment: the over-sized shoulder bows with beaded fringe. The figure flattering cut is shaped with princess line seams.

Suzy Perette dress

Suzy Perette evening dress, late 1950s. The signature black velvet and taffeta theme has the sexy yet demure style so popular in the 1950s. The dress features a plain apron-front style of black velvet that opens in back to expose the elaborately draped taffeta skirt. A large red silk rose at the center-back accents the skirt. Men cannot help themselves: they are drawn to a woman who intimates the seductive sophistication of the evening.

1970s Dior shoes

Christian Dior silk evening pumps, 1970s. The House of Dior has always represented high style, whether in an evening gown or with glam evening pumps! Covered with lime green silk faille, our fab shoes have toes decorated with stiffened bows and rhinestone buckles. The heels are gracefully narrow but have more body than a stiletto. These chic shoes will fit right in with today's retro fashions.

Bes-Ben hat

Bes-Ben wide brim straw hat, 1950s. Whether "fun" or conventionally decorative, Bes-Ben hats appeared fresh and innovative because of Ben's unerring sense of scale and proportion. The dramatic wide brim hat is an attention grabber with its luscious, larger-than-life flowers. From the 1960s on, these unique hats have become strong collectibles. One Bes-Ben hat set an auction record of $18,400.