Gallery of Edwardian Vintage Clothing

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Edwardian wedding gown

Hand-embroidered sheer cotton wedding gown from the Commodore Perry estate, c.1908. Oral provenance plus small Perry personal name tag inside.

Callot Soeurs dinner dress of hand-embroidered silk charmeuse, c.1905.

Poiret coat c.1910

Wool coat attributed to Poiret, c.1910-1914.

Liberty burnous c.1900

Liberty & Co. velvet burnous, c.1900. Label: "Liberty & Co/ London & Paris."

Lace coat c.1900

Couture quality silk coat trimmed with handmade Cluny lace, c.1900.

LaFerriere gown c.1912

LaFerrière satin/tulle dinner gown with metallic embroidery, c.1912. Label: "LaFerrière, Paris" is woven into the petersham.

Russian coat c.1910

Russian-style cut velvet evening coat with beaded passementerie panels and sable trim, c.1910.

Lace evening wrap c.1915

Cut velvet/silk chiffon evening wrap in the style of Erté, c.1915. Provenance: from the estate of actress Irene Worth.

Crochet gown c.1912

Handmade Irish crochet lace gown, c.1912. Label: "Miss Pilcher/307 Fifth Ave., NY."

Lame peignoir c.1910

Floral gold lamé peignoir, early 20th century.

Chinese evening wrap c.1905

Hand-embroidered silk crepe wrap with hand-knotted silk fringe, c.1905. Chinese made for the Western market with the original tag.

Evening dress c.1915

B. Altman beaded gold lamé evening dress, c.1915.

Lace jacket c.1910

Handmade Irish crochet lace jacket with satin trim, c.1910.

Marie Rebouch hat c.1908

Marie Rebouch wide-brim straw hat with original decoration, c.1908. Label: "Marie Rebouch/40.Chaussée d'Antin/Paris."

Beaded dress c.1905

Floral tulle dress with beaded/embroidered panels, c.1905.

Reception gown c.1905

Appliquéd velvet reception gown, c.1905. Provenance: from descendants of Revolutionary War veteran, Captain Rufus Lincoln (1751-1838).

Worth cape c.1900

Silk brocade evening cape attributed to Worth, c.1900.

Appliqued coat c.1900

Magenta velvet coat trimmed with scrolling vines of ruched black chiffon, c.1900. Fur collar and cuffs.

Embroidered net shawl c.1910

Spanish hand-embroidered net shawl, c.1910.

French hat c.1910

French velvet hat with feather trim, c.1900-1910. The label in the crown reads "George Allen, Inc./3 rue Bleue/Paris/1214 Chestnut Street/Philadelphia."

Irish crochet wedding dress c.1912

Irish crochet lace wedding dress, c.1912.

Evening dress c.1910

Devoré velvet evening dress trimmed with metallic lace, c.1910.

Beaded tea dress c.1914

Sheer cotton tea dress trimmed with blue beads and Irish crochet, c.1914.

Lace gown c.1912

Hand-embroidered tulle lace gown, c.1912. Hand-appliquéd lace inserts and back train.

Toque hat c.1900

Velvet toque embellished with beads and a white ostrich plume, c.1900. The label reads "Geo. Allen Incorporated/1214 Chestnut Street/ Philadelphia."

Embroidered jacket c.1912

Soutache embroidered wool jacket trimmed with wide borders of silky black fur, c.1912-1918.

Callot Soeurs jacket c.1910

Callot Soeurs linen jacket with inserts of handmade filet lace, c.1910. Label: "Callot Soeurs/Marque & Modèle/Déposés, Paris."