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Chinese wall hanging

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Chinese hand-embroidered wall hanging

Fine hand embroidery! This elegant satin wall hanging features the highly skilled hand embroidery expected in an early twentieth century Chinese piece. The design is rendered in elegant muted shades of blue, turquoise, silver, rust, gold, beige, and rose against a burgundy background.

The design itself is of the most refined sophistication. The central figure is a brilliant bird of paradise resplendent in her proud plumage. Here the colors compete with and complement each other: the ivory with the black; the gold with the aqua; and dominating it all, the splendiferous turquoise tail feather, ending in a tiny fantasy floral star.

The hanging is backed with turquoise silk and edged all around with a 6 1/2"-wide border of hand-knotted silk fringe. What an elegant addition to any room!

The condition is excellent. It is clean and fresh and ready to add that special touch needed to complete your decor.

It measures 94" high by 100" wide, including 5" of hand-knotted fringe all around.

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