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Metallic lace flapper hat

#2580 $650

Embroidered metallic lace skull cap, 1920s

By the late 1920s, the bell shaped cloche was pared down even more to become a skull cap. 1920s streamlined modernism, seen in all areas of design, seems fresh and relevant today.

The unsurpassed beauty of fine antique textiles makes them eagerly sought collectibles. This treasure of textile art has a mellow beauty not found in modern synthetics. The cobweb pattern of the lace creates a delicate filigree effect, as mysterious as it is beautiful.

The embroidered chenille flowers add a three-dimensional quality to the design. The cap is lined with burnt orange taffeta. The metallic fibers have developed a fine burnished patina—the tribute that time pays to beauty.

The label reads "Chas. A. Stevens & Bros/Chicago/New York/Paris."

The condition is almost. The exterior is perfect, while the lining has a few splits. It is stable and is not shattering. To maintain design integrity, I would not reline the hat.

The circumference is 22".

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