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1920s embroidered coat

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Chinese embroidered satin coat, 1920s

Fine hand embroidery reached the level of an art form in China before Marco Polo arrived in the 13th century. Chinese export goods were still popular in the late 19th and early 20th centuries when this fabulous coat was made for the Western market. As interest faded after the 1920s, the quality of hand work waned. Modern copies produced in China today are generally of inferior quality.

Made from black satin with borders of ivory satin, the brilliant coat is finely hand embroidered in silk polychrome floss with Chinese motifs of flowers and figures. To appreciate the masterful design, zoom in on the cerise and amber flowers, whose whimsical verisimilitude puts Nature herself to shame.

The finishing is exceptional. The coat is lined with black silk crepe de chine and closes in front with knotted ball buttons and loops. Outlining the borders, the Persian blue piping hints at a uniform: one worn by a fashion initiate whose smart attire always attracts admiring glances.

The versatile coat could be worn as evening wear or with jeans; or wear it for lounging in the boudoir!

The condition is almost excellent. The coat has been gently worn.

It measures: 44" bust and waist, 50" hip, and 43" from shoulder to hem.

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