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Fancy silk bonnet,1850s

#1571 $350

Fancy silk bonnet, 1850s

With elaborate trim and soft ruffled brim, the lovely bonnet embodies the Romantic period aesthetic.

It was made from cream colored silk ruched and pleated to create a highly textured design. The crown, back, and inside of the brim are embellished with sensual satin ribbon roses created with a verisimilitude that nature herself would envy.

These tender roses in bloom are of the last degree of feminine charm. In Western culture, the rose has symbolized all things beautiful. By reproducing itself, it could become immortal. Here is a willful romanticism that steals our hearts; sadly, it has disappeared from modern life.

The inside of the bonnet is lined with matching organdy and is outlined with organdy ruffles. The back-neck curtain and brim are ruffled and trimmed with lace. The ties are of wide satin ribbon.

The condition is almost excellent. In the ribbon are a few knife-clean splits. Nothing is shattering.

The bonnet is 7" from front to back.

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