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#7515         $125

4 Metallic embroidered panels, 1920s

These 4 panels came from the same wealthy estate as the full costume listed. They were included in a box of custom made 1920s costumes.

The panels feature gold metallic embroidery on an ecru silk tulle ground. The ground color shows best in the middle picture, where I layered two of the panels. They all have the same floral border.

There some are areas of tarnish. I prefer to think of it as patina, or the tribute that time pays to beauty. Antique fabric should not look like lurex.

The condition is very good. In the tulle are a few holes. The total of 6+ yards of embroidery will yield at least 4 yards of usable fabric.

They measure:
15" wide by 36" length of embroidery
15" wide by 28" length of embroidery
15" wide by 72" length of embroidery
18" wide by 112" length of embroidery

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