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Brussels lace scarf

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Brussels lace trimmed silk scarf, c.1900

The scarf is fashioned from delicate ivory silk damask. With its loosely woven ground, the stylized floral pattern beautifully complements the floral pattern of the handmade Brussels linen lace borders. The 2nd picture from the bottom displays the intricate, gossamer floral design, which borrows an harmonious symmetry from nature.

Brussels was an important center for the manufacture of fine handmade lace in the 17th century. Pattern styles as well as quality improved during the Industrial Revolution. After a late 18th century decline, the handmade lace industry was revived under Napoleon's patronage, continuing through the lace trade boom of the 1840s-1880s. WWI ended the Belgian fine handmade lace industry.

The condition is almost excellent. The scarf has one tiny mend that you are unlikely to notice. It does not spoil the appearance.

It measures 59" long by 6" wide.

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