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Wide-brim bicorne hat with original trim

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Wide-brim bicorne hat with original trim, c.1922

Bicorne hats achieved a brief but noteworthy prominence in millinery high fashion during the early 1920s. George Barbier's 1922 fashion plate depicts a lady wearing such a hat while on vacation in Venice.

Because the style was short lived, bicorne hats are difficult to find. Ours is a special treat for the serious collector. The crown and brim of the hat are covered with black velvet. The crown is lined with black silk. A hint of burgundy in the black feathers is a charming touch.

In the Teens and early 1920s, a fashionable woman did not go out without a hat. At the pinnacle of high society in Paris during the Belle Epoque stood Countess Grefullhe, who presided over her salon in the Faubourg Saint-Germain.

She was memorialized by Marcel Proust as the Duchesse de Guermantes. Her archive contain a note headed “Traveling 1900,” where she made a list of accessories needed for traveling: “Large hat necessary – light and halo-like. Summer veils . . . We need 2 black hats, 1 navy blue, 1 cream, 1 fancy, 1 fur hat for traveling."

Comtesse Greffulhe, 1905 by Philip de Laszlo

Here is a magnificent and original high-style hat worthy of a modern Duchesse de Guermantes. Great style is never out of date!

The condition is almost excellent. The hat shows gentle wear.

The brim is 17" across its widest part. The inner crown circumference is 23".

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