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Silk and lace boudoir cap, 1920s

This lovely silk cap for the boudoir is too pretty to hide in private. You can display it in your collection; or wear it as a showpiece summer hat. The softly gathered shape is reminiscent of a late 18th century mob cap.

Made from alternating bands of delicate peach silk and lace, the cap is all original. The beige needle run lace is machine made. The upper lace band has narrow satin ribbon ruffles.

The front of the cap is decorated with four small bouquets of silk ribbon flowers. The back sports a satin ribbon bow. The bow and the tiny red-and-yellow spring florets give the cap a winsome charm all its own.

The condition is almost excellent. The only problem is slight fraying on the back bow.

The inner crown circumference is 22".

1920s boudoir cap

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