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Titranic era evening coat

#2707 $1,800

Beaded and embroidered net coat, c.1912

This aristocratic Titanic-era coat could have been worn by one of the ladies in the Downton Abbey series on Masterpiece Theatre. Today our scintillating coat will appeal to the collector of fine vintage fashion both for the exquisite beauty of the antique textile and for the versatility of the design. You can wear it with jeans or as an evening coat.

I love the cutaway style that dips down to a train in back. The high style coat was made from black cotton net lavishly embroidered with black silk ribbon and black novelty beads. The luxe raised effect of the ribbon embroidery is enhanced by the the creative mix of faceted beads sparkling like gemstones. The coat closes in front with a single hook.

The whimsical, aristocratic refinement of the embroidered motifs still shows the influence of late Art Nouveau design—the intricate curvilinear motifs, whose subtle elaborations have a haunting beauty. (Art Nouveau-inflected collections have recently made their appearance on the runways.)

Art Nouveau appeared in Europe as a reaction against the mechanized world of the Industrial Revolution and against the outmoded historical revivalist styles of the late 19th century. The new style returned to natural organic forms, incorporating sensuous curves and elaborate flourishes.

The Titanic sank in the North Atlantic on April 15th, 1912. The wealthy, titled guests brought their finest attire for the voyage. A brilliant, high style coat such as ours could have been worn to the dinners given by Captain Edward Smith for the most esteemed passengers such as John Jacob Astor IV, J. Pierpont Morgan, and Lady Duff Gordon.

The condition is excellent. The coat can be worn but gently of course.

It measures: 38" bust and waist, 50" hip, and 51" center-back length.

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