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1830s man's stock

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Man's satin/silk stock, 1830s

A stock in excellent condition is very difficult to find. This one, which was originally purchased in Boston, is remarkably well preserved.

The stock is shaped with a center-front seam to accommodate the slope of the neck. It closes in back with a buckle. The exterior fabric is black satin; the lining is rose silk taffeta. The stock is interlined with stiffening to hold the shape.

Stocks were generally either black or white. Some had pre-tied bows attached to them. Others, like ours, never had a bow. In the portrait below, a young Charles Darwin is wearing a black stock.

Stocks, which gradually replaced hand-tied cravats, are often described as much easier to wear. The overlooked difference of shape is equally important.

A cravat adds bulk since it is fabric wrapped and tied around the neck. On the other hand, the stock is shaped to fit the curve of the neck.

Coming from a long standing collection, this stock was originally purchased from a Boston retailer. The label reads "Tillsons, Tobey & Tower/Manufacturers/Premium Stocks & C./Plymouth, Mass./Store 21 Milk Street Boston."

The condition is almost excellent. The structurally sound stock has faint soiling on the lining.

It is 3 1/2" tall at the center-front and 16 1/2" in circumference, excluding the buckle.

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