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Gold evening shoes, c.1927-1933

The rising hemlines of the 1920s focused attention on the exposed leg and foot. During the prodigal 1920s, the demand for luxury shoes was met by an explosion of surface decoration and color. Gold kid shoes with elaborate decoration met the demand. They appealed to the appetite for extravagant, expensive accessories.

By the late 1920s, heels were higher, and cutwork over the toes was popular. These sexy evening shoes were the last word in style. They are fashioned from gold kid leather with cutwork accents. The narrow straps close in front with small gold tone buckles. The Louis heels are tall and slender.

Gold, the face of opulence, was a favorite color in of the 1920s. The byword then was: "if you've got, flaunt it." "It" could be money, style, or beauty; preferably all three. In Washington, Andrew W. Mellon, the best Treasury Secretary since Hamilton, was spreading the gospel that conspicuous consumption by the rich was a source of pleasure for the poor.

The condition is almost excellent. The shoes are lightly scuffed on the toes and backs. This is barely noticeable.

The size is marked 6 1/2. The heels are 3 1/4" tall.

flapper evening shoes

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