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#7503         $375

18th century style costume from 1920s

Elegant antique costumes made from expensive textiles are now eagerly sought after. This whimsical rendition of a dress—Marie Antoinette could have worn it at Le Petit Trianoncaptures the mood, if not the historical accuracy, of the period. It even has a little packet of beauty spots in the small pocket on the back of the underdress.

The painting below (A Lady in Blue by Gainsborough) illustrates the cosmetic fashion of applied beauty spots, whose shape and placement were social signifiers, e.g., "coquette" or "available."

Completely lined with pink cotton, the outer dress is made from pretty pink silk printed with baskets of flowers. It laces in front with black velvet ribbon ties threaded through rhinestone buckles. The underdress of cream colored tulle, trimmed with silver metallic embroidered flounces, is authentic 1920s.

The condition is very good. The lace neckline flounce and the tulle under sleeves are deteriorating. These are both easy to replace. I will include a lace flounce that could be used. You could also purchase additional metallic embroidered tulle that is similar.

The faint underarm stains blend in with the patterned fabric. The underdress is slightly stained along the hem; the metallic lace has several holes.

The underdress measures: 36" bust, 27" waist, and 43" from shoulder to hem.
The outerdress is adjustable with the front lacing.



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