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Child's Buster Brown lace-up shoes, c.1905

It is a treat for the collector to find a pair of children's shoes from 100 years ago in such excellent condition. Everyday shoes like these were generally worn out and replaced as needed. Ironically, they are rarer today than fine period shoes, which were often saved.

The Brown Shoe Company was founded in 1878 by George Warren Brown. He believed St. Louis could become an important center for shoe manufacturing. His small company gained national prominence after acquiring the rights to the name of the popular comic strip, Buster Brown, from its creator at a meeting at the St. Louis World's Fair in 1904.

Buster Brown, the mischievous cartoon character, and his dog Tige were well known to children of all ages; and to their mothers, who purchased shoes for them. This brilliant marketing move gave instant name recognition to Buster Brown shoes.

The upper portion of the two-tone leather design of the shoes has a matte finish; the lower portion is shiny. The heels and soles are leather. The name "Buster Brown" is stamped on each sole—see the bottom picture.

The condition is excellent. The shoes look like they were never worn.

The shoes are 7" long from heel to toe.

Buster Brown shoes

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