1930s evening cape

#2391 $950

Chiffon evening cape, 1930s

The smart cape is dramatically shaped with fluttering double layers of black chiffon that plunge from just below the bust in front to full length in back. It closes at the neckline with two hooks concealed behind the corded chiffon trim.

Our sphinxian cape envelopes a stylish woman with the mystery of the night, making an unforgettable impression as she makes a dramatic entrance.

The scalloped edges are to die for! The scallop theme is repeated in the multi-layered petal collar. Is it the black chiffon cocoon or the exotic scalloping that creates a sense of inviting yet enigmatic intimacy?

Our sophisticated cape is all about shape, a triumph of stylish minimalism whose sparse ornamentation is like the apple tree, stripped by the first frost of its still enchanting blossoms.

One could imagine the tree's festal leaves whose broad expanse, like the ceremonial carpet spread for a wedding now ended, had been just swept clean of their blushing flowers by the white bridal train.

A vintage accessory, like this ethereal chiffon evening cape, adds a unique accent to any outfit. You can have the one-of-a-kind couture look for a fraction of the cost of a contemporary designer piece

The condition is excellent and wearable.

One size fits all. The cape is 48" long at the center-back.

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