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#4029 $1,500

Hand-assembled mixed lace shawl, 19th century

The design combines manufactured tapes with handmade needle point fill. The net ground inserts are appliquéd with princess lace flowers. The shawl has a soft, supple drape. Worn as a shawl or as a wedding veil, it would be a unique wedding accessory, the "something old" on a bride's special day.

In the first two pictures below, I tried to capture the ingeniously crafted ruffle of the top edge, which forms a graceful collar when folded over. The shape was built-in when the tapes were assembled.

The airy lightness of the intricate lace design is a wonder to behold. You could not own a more romantic and beautiful "instant heirloom." It is as wearable today as it was over a century ago.

The shawl has a rounded, triangular shape.

The condition is excellent. It is clean and ready to wear.

The shawl is 44" long at the center-back and 68" wide.

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