The Treasure Hunt

1980s shoes Edwardian child's dress Edwardian child's coat
#0418   $175
Charles Jourdan strappy leather shoes, c.1980. Made from burgundy kid leather with matching reptile straps. With the original red Jourdan box.
#2687  $175
Satin child's dress, c.1907. Bodice is trimmed with a matching, ruffled chiffon fichu.
#c384   $275
Child's linen coat set, c.1905. Closes in front with 3 fancy mother-of-pearl buttons. Fine finishing.
Edwardian hanky Adolfo suit Liberty shawl
#4131   $175
Tenerife silk lace hankie, c.1900. A cream-colored silk center surrounded by a wide border of delicate handmade Tenerife lace. Top condition! 
#7457   $375
Adolfo wool suit, 1970s. Unlined and unstructured, the suit is as comfortable to wear as a sweater.
#2345   $275
Liberty style ribbon weave silk chiffon shawl, c.1910. Decorated with delicate, printed floral paisley medallions.
vintage Ferragamo shoes Victorian scissor holder Hanae Mori shell
#7218         $275
Rosina Ferragamo Schiavone evening shoes, 1960s. Few realize that Rosina Ferragamo Schiavone, the sister of Salvatore Ferragamo, also designed for the famous couture house.
#2126   $185
Wall scissor holder, c.1890. Beaded velvet. 
#2641   $275
Hanae Mori lace shell, c.1980. In the sophisticated shell, the design is simple and understated, yet suggestive of the unfathomable mystery of black.
1920s beaded dress Edwardian shoe buckles Edwardian silk ribbon
#6693   $250
Beaded silk chiffon tunic, 1920s. Restore to the kind of beaded tunic that I sell for $1000-$1100. 
  #7075   $175
French cut steel shoe buckles, c.1900. They will lend a glittering glamour to a pair of basic shoes.
#6403   $165
Two yards damask ribbon, c.1910. Watered silk roses in extra wide width.
1930s nightgown Charles Jourdan shoes 1980s Vittadini dress
#7287   $175
Bias cut charmeuse nightgown, 1930s. bodice is decorated with delicate hand embroidered floral sprigs.
#0416   $175
Charles Jourdan cut-out leather shoes, c.1980. The open-toe style is sexy, feminine, and impractical, but they will get you where you want to go.
#6656   $225
Adrienne Vittadini beaded dress, 1980s. It captures the seductive look of her knits molded to the shape of the body.
1920s embroidered shawl Victorian cameo Edwardian lace cuffs
#7506   $225
Lightweight embroidered silk shawl, 1920s. Great color!
#0718    $275
Gutta-percha cameo, c.1860. Artful play of black-on-black textured design.
#7481   $85
Lace trimmed cuffs, c.1900. 19th century fine machine lace is superior to anything you can buy today.
Edwardian embroidered panel Edwardian silk ribbon Edwardian silk ribbon
#6446   $125
Whitework panel, c.1910. The embroidery uses padded satin stitch, French knots, and open-work fancy fill.
#2026    $65
1+ yards of silk taffeta ribbon with alternating stripes of green satin. 
#2029    $85
1.5 yards silk taffeta ribbon, c.1910. Made of silk taffeta.
1980s Chanel dress 1970s silk suit 18th century style costume
#7268   $450
Chanel Boutique rayon crepe dress, 1980s. Ingeniously modern reinterpretation of the Chanel look.
#9221     $125
Silk shantung ensemble, c.1970. Heavenly peach hue!
#7503   $375
18th-century-style costume from 1920s. Mode à la Marie Antoinette!
Princess lace hanky Escada blazer 1930s evening shoes
#7479   $125
Princess lace wedding hankie, c.1900. The border of cotton net is appliquéd with princess lace flowers.
#6560   $275
Escada wool gabardine blazer, 1980s. A refreshing variation on the classic nautical theme.
#7145   $250
Silver kid evening shoes, early 1930s. No structural flaws but a bit scuffed and worn. $650 if in top condition.
vintage gloves Edwardian lace bag 1920s silk haori
#7403   $125
Meyers Make velvet evening gloves, 1930s. This is all you need to pull an outfit together.
#6613   $175
This charming hand crocheted bag, early 20th century, belonged to Bertha Valentine of New York.
#9198     $250
Silk Haori c.1920. Comfortable sleeves. Use it as a dressing gown.
Edwardian ribbon Victorian pelmet 1790s print fabric
#6404   $95
2 3/4+ yards damask ribbon, c.1910. Delightful clover & shamrock design.
#1885   $250
Appliquéd/embroidered felt pelmet, c.1890. Appliquéd with bouquets of felt and tufted wool daisies with velveteen leaves.
#7100   $275
Block printed cotton panel 1790s. Use it to make pillows or a valence to add an antique accent to your decor.
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