The Treasure Hunt

Victorian lace collar Dior jacket Duchesse lace hankie
#7382   $85
Tape lace collar, c.1900. Hand-assembled with fancy work fill stitches and looped bullion rosettes.
#7332   $375
Dior Boutique mohair jacket, 1980s. Gentle shaping emphasizes your curves.
#4133   $195
Handmade Brussels Duchesse lace wedding hankie, c.1900. Embellished with handmade lace.
Edwardian purse Edwardian skirt Deco velvet shawl
#6592   $150
Natural linen/crochet reticule, early 20th century. Made of natural colored linen with panels of crochet.
#6402   $175
Silk skirt with lace/pearl appliqués, c.1900. Embellished with lace appliqués, pin tucks, and faux pearls. A marvelous, graceful train.
#1089   $275
Deco style cut velvet shawl, 1970s. Contrasting purple and yellow softened to lovely pastel shades.
1920s feather fan Victorian christening dress 1920s feather fan
#6454   $225
Feather fan, 1920s. The perfect flapper accessory! 3 ivory plumes wired in back to hold the curved shape.
#2684   $225
Lace-trimmed infant's dress, 1890s. Fab decoration: cobweb lace, rows of pin tucks, and lace ruffles.
#6450   $145
Feather pen, c.1920. The gold-plated nib is attached to a feather plume in shades of ivory, gray, and brown.
1930s needlepoint bag 1950s box bag Edwardian blouse
#6503   $175
Needlepoint handbag, 1930s. A marvelous carnelian clasp in the shape of a bullet cabochon.
#7305   $175
Prestige leather mini box bag, 1950s. Fab style: accented with goldtone link straps.
#6634   $195
Gibson girl blouse, c1910. Fashioned from stylish black and ivory polished cotton.
bias cut nightgown 1950s alligator bag 19th century buttons
#7286   $175 Bias cut rayon satin nightgown, 1930s. Fab alternating stripes of satin and crepe peach rayon. #6544   $425
Two-tone alligator bag, 1950s. Wonderful variation of texture in this marvelous two-tone brown bag.
#7392   $85
8 bull's eye glass/brass buttons, 19th century. Centers of amber colored crushed glass.
1930s lace dickey 1930s rayon nightgown 1960s resort wear
#7341   $195
Embroidered lace dickey, 1930s. Add a touch of lace to the neckline of a jacket or sweater.
#7157   $175
Lady Edso bias-cut rayon crepe nightgown, 1930s. The bodice is matching pink lace with satin ribbon trim.
#7482   $275
Hawaiian poolside-style ensemble, 1960s. Wear it to a Hawaii Five-0 retro party!
1950s Mollie Parnis 1950s alligator wallet bias cut slip
#2269   $375
Mollie Parnis satin two piece dress, 1950s. Combines a boxy short jacket with a nicely styled party dress.
#6516   $225
Alligator folding clutch wallet, 1950s. Center of the wallet has a double coin purse.
#7513   $75
Bias cut georgette slip, 1970s. Sexy satin ribbon straps.
vintage slip pair European shams Buster Brown shoes
#7161   $275
Form fitting rayon slip, 1980s. Very well made in Hong Kong with a fully lined bodice.
#9453   $250
Pair of European linen pillow shams, c.1900. Fab diamond shaped inserts of handmade Cluny lace.
#6578   $175
Child's Buster Brown lace-up shoes, c.1905. Named after the title character of popular cartoon strip.
1920s child's hankies c.1900 blouse panel Belgian lace blouse
#9139     $75
2 charming printed child's hankies, one is signed, c.1925.
#2496   $125
Hand-embroidered blouse panel, c.1900. Exquisite 3-dimensional hand embroidery with textured stitches.
#7347   $225
Appliquéd lace blouse, 1940s. Hand-assembled Belgium princess lace! A very pretty back.
1920s trim Whiting & Davis bag 1930s compact
#2751   $150
4 3/4+ yards of woven cotton trim, 1920s. Trim has colorful foliate motifs on a beige mesh ground. Looks like it was never used.
#6797   $85
Whiting & Davis gold mesh pouch, 1930s. Hand-engraved top and accordion gate neck opening.
#0845    $195
Substantial-weight Deco enamel compact, c.1930. In excellent working condition.
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